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“My dad would spend every evening in the back building,” Lanie said quietly, breaking the silence

Lanie is the daughter of a researcher. She is the brains behind creating the spirit box her father use to speak with the dead.

Sight and SoundEdit

In Sight and Sound, Lanie is sought after and joins the Sam and Jacob.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

At times Lanie can come off preachy. However, with her high intelligence, she makes a good addition to the team.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

In Sight and Sound, we learn of Lanie's father and losing her mother. She has a high percentage to use her knowledge to feed her anger.



The name Lanie is an English name, meaning Path; roadway. 

Trivia Edit

While anger grows in her, Lanie is apt to do something outside the team's knowledge.

See alsoEdit


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