Matt Cole is a technical and paranormal writer. He is best known for the Utilizing technical book series. These include 'Utilizing IFTTT", Utilizing Google Docs", and Utilizing RPG Maker". He prefers open source or free applications over proprietary software.

He recently created his first novel, "Sight and Sound" and working on the stand-alone "Trauma".

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Matt Cole is a husband, father, son, brother and avid researcher. When not working, he attempts to share knowledge/content through stories and articles.

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Offline lifeEdit

Matt Cole was born in Poteau, Oklahoma. He works full time as an Application Analyst II for Universal Health Services (UHS). He has been a remote employee for the last 17+ years for UHS.

Married for 22 years to the same woman, he has two children and currently resides in Oklahoma.

You can keep up with his events as well as his current projects.

Notable Works Edit

Below are his current available books.

Title Type Genre Description
Sight and Sound Novel Paranormal/Technology Two boys with differing lives and abilities are pushed into a war of interdimensional beings.
Utilizing IFTTT Technology

How To

Technology The purpose of this book is to introduce you into the free web-based IFTTT application.
Utilizing RPG Maker Technology

How to

Technology The purpose of this book is to introduce you to the RPG Maker VX Ace Lite application and how to create electronically

RPG (Role Playing) games.

Utilizing Google Docs Technology How to Technology The purpose of this book is to introduce you to Google's free alternative business apps as opposed to Microsoft Office.

Contact Edit

All works by Matt Cole are licensed as CC-BY-SA. Queries about derivative works can be forwarded to authormattcole@gmail.comMatt can also be reached via the following:

Type Link
AuthorName Website
AuthorName Facebook




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